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As an emerging front-end developer, I'm deeply passionate about coding and constantly strive for efficient and effective outcomes. I have a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and I'm actively honing my skills in React. I enjoy creating engaging user interfaces and visually appealing web applications. I approach projects with meticulous attention to detail and have a knack for quickly learning and adapting to new technologies. I believe my enthusiasm and continuous learning mindset make me a valuable addition to any front-end team.



InvenTree is a robust inventory management application designed to streamline product management tasks

Movie Battle

Movie Battle is a dynamic application that allows users to compare their favorite movies side by side. Simply enter the names of two movies, and Movie Battle will highlight the movie with the highest values in various categories

Pick Your Poison - The Ultimate Joke Showdown

"Pick Your Poison" is the ultimate joke showdown web application that will brighten up your day! Chuck Norris jokes or Dad jokes - which one will make you laugh the most? Get ready for a hilarious experience as you pick your favorite jokes and vote for the funniest one.

Culinary Chronicles is a comprehensive platform where users can discover, rate, and save their favorite recipes. Dive into the world of culinary delights and let others know about your cooking adventures!

Culinary Chronicles

Skill Progression: Frontend Mentor Challenges

Social Profile Card

For this project, I took on the challenge of creating a responsive Social link Card, based on a design provided by Frontend Mentor. Despite its compact nature, I utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to faithfully translate the design into a functional and visually appealing component.

Washington News Homepage

In this project, I was given a design from Frontend Mentor and tasked with coding it to match the design as closely as possible. I used HTML and CSS Grid to create a responsive and pixel-perfect implementation of the design.